Managing Models

Now that the new IDE is out, I am testing and re-writing a lot, renaming as well, and I have a lot of trash in my code files. Wouldn’t be bad to be able to manage those a bit better, is there a way to delete them? otherwise I will have to rename recode?

ah there is destroy, i see.

is there a way to see the code without adding the model to an impee?

Right now there is not a way to see code without adding the model to an impee.

To destroy a model (for anyone else looking):

  1. Click on Model Settings
  2. Click “Destroy” (beside the Cancel ‘button’)

Remember, while we’re giving beta access to anyone that requests it, the IDE is still in a closed beta. A big part of this is because the IDE is not quite where we want it yet.

beardedinventor, Please add me to the testing , being holding on projects, waiting for the new release, but falling behind on my R&D tasks, Thanks.