Making a robot with my 6yr old

Been working on and off on an imp controlled robot with my daughter. Skip to the end of this post to see the video

awesome! thanks for sharing.

just in case you have not seen it - this is related.

hour of code

Appropriate for a 6-year old and really fun!

That’s great! How are you combining Scratch and the Imp?

Thanks hour of code haven’t seen it.

We’ve tried Scratch and Hopscotch on iPad. As I say it’s definitely physical computing that really engages them.

Edit: but have always liked computer science unplugged groups of kids bubble sorting

Sorry I’ve obviously mis-communicated not combining Scratch. I only talk about as she’s got to use it at school and isn’t interested in it. She GOT the old planner so we going to use on the RPI for our summer hol project.