MakeDeck's 100th order = 10% off sale!

The next order at will be our 100th, and in celebration of that, we are offering 10% off all day(use discount code “100th” at checkout), and the 100th order will ship through USPS for free! We would like to thank everyone in the Electric Imp community and everyone at Electric Imp for such fantastic support. We’ve been in business for four months today, and look forward to bringing more and more products and services to the Electric Imp community.

We very much want your feedback, so please email us at with all questions and comments, and let us know and see what you are doing with your Imps!



Hi Joel,

Congrats with this milestone, you deliver great products and excellent support!
On to the next milestone :slight_smile:

kind regards,

Thanks moose!

Let me add my congrats, despite being the other side of the pond my order from makedeck arrived quicker that suppliers in the same city as me!

Well done Joel, makes me proud to be one of the first 100. Also first rate service to me in UK

Thanks all, and thanks to our customer from Norway who was #100, and put Norway on the MakeDeck “map”! Speaking of that, does anyone know of a web service that shows a map of all countries and allows you to highlight specific ones? I’d love to be able to show were we have shipped to.

@back_ache, you can thank UK customs for moving products quickly, as moose can attest to, customs in some other countries don’t move things through quite as quickly. I’ve been very pleased with USPS service, and I highly recommend it for all shipping. I’m going to begin assigning flat rates for USPS shipping so it is easier to see how much shipping will cost. I pay for a carrier calculated shipping service, but it is frustratingly inaccurate. I’ve begun using, and so far am happy with their service.

I’ve also recently been able to use the quick turn service at for a customer, and I was pleased with the service. It is NOT cheap, but if you need a prototype PCB fast, they can have it to you in 2-3 days. (They are US based).