Mac users: impCentral-friendly Squinter 2.0 is now available

Folks, Squinter 2.0, which introduces support for Electric Imp’s new impCentral™ API, is now available for download and testing. It is not available via Squinter 1.0’s built-in upgrade system.

This initial release is a beta test, so please check out the known issues below, especially with regards to opening and converting old project files (with particular regard to migrating IDE models to impCentral Products and Device Groups).

Please report any bugs you find here, or post any questions you have — thanks.


What’s New

  • Works with Electric Imp impCentral™ API entities: products, device groups, devices and deployments.
  • Add commit messages to code uploads, and view them later.
  • Recently opened project files remembered for easy access, via menu and dock icon.
  • Squinter’s dock icon functionality persists after the app has closed if you choose to keep the icon in the dock.
  • Re-written and improved library and file compilation.
  • Updated UI will new toolbar buttons, and visual device status icons (online/offline, logging).
  • Highlighted error and warning messages to make them easier to spot.
  • Many bugs squashed.

Known Issues

  • Squinter 2.0 will open and convert project files from older versions of Squinter to an updated file format that is not compatible with older versions of Squinter. Make sure you do a ‘Save As…’ to keep a copy of the updated project file. Take care not to overwrite the original if you wish to preserve it. Switching or overwriting project files will not affect your source code.
  • The impCentral API will not allow you to create products with the same names as existing models, so for manual model migration, you will need to delete the model before you create the product, which you can do opening the old project file in Squinter 2.0. Squinter will report an API error if you attempt to create a product (or open an old project file, which automatically creates a product) without deleting the model first.
  • Squinter 2.0 works with impCentral API entities not Build API / Electric Imp IDE entities, so you may wish to keep your copy of Squinter 1.0 for work with older projects until you migrate them to impCentral.
  • Offline changes made to projects and/or device groups cannot yet be sync’d with the impCloud. Avoid working with Squinter 2.0 offline.
  • Production functionality has not yet been included.
  • Collaboration functionality has not yet been included.
  • Online help is available but not yet complete
  • Squinter 1.0 will not see Squinter 2.0 as an available update. At this time, you must install Squinter 2.0 manually.

I just downloaded and install the tool. It crashed as soon as I click to open the application.

I’m on Sierra version 10.12.6

Can you PM me the crash report, please?

FWIW, I have it running successfully on two machines, one with Sierra, one with High Sierra, but I’ll look into this.

I’ve identified the bug and will be uploading a new version shortly

New version here, @kiwitech, which should fix your issue.

It’s working now - thank you :slight_smile:

Folks, there’s a new version out, 2.0 beta 11 which adds support for polite deployment — imp app code that can defer Squirrel and impOS updates if it’s too busy - and makes some other refinements and fixes some bugs.

You can update through the ‘Check for Updates…’ command in the ‘Squinter’ menu.

Release notes here.

New version now available via the update system: use the ‘Check for Updates…’ command in the ‘Squinter’ menu.

Additional features include a project/device inspector, and you can now create production and factory devices groups (and set the former as targets of the latter).

Release notes here.