Low Power Modes

Hi All,

I am trying to put my IMP into deepslip so I can lower power to <1ma.
Does anyone have code that would wake it up only when the user logs
into the server?
Also, I am looking at the idea of using a solar cell. These are common
needs that others may use and speed development. I will say EI does a
write on battery selection and methodology.
Steve Faris

The imp can only go into the low power sleep when not connected (4-6uA depending on model). Hence, it has no idea whether anyone is trying to talk to it remotely.

Staying online takes about 7mA right now, on a quiet network. You enable this with imp.enablepowersave(true).

We have a lot of docs on power design on the docs siteā€¦ solar is quite application-dependent but yes, solar powered imps are quite possible and some commercial customers do that.

Thanks 7ma is about what I measured.