Lost planner connection


I’m currently writing a piece of code that uses input from the HTTP IN vimp and forwards this to an AVR (ATMega328).

The code is executing fine but after a few minutes of not being used the imp stops receiving the commands from the vimp.
If i use the play button in the code-editor to upload a new firmware it throws an error - “line 0: impee offline”.

My guess is that the imp somehow loses the connection to the planner.

If i powercycle the imp the code upload and code execution will work fine again but still only for a short while.

During this whole process the imp (according to the green blinking LED) never loses the wifi connection and i’ve also confirmed that the internet connection from the very same router is fine.

Any ideas? Maybe my imp is running some old imp-firmware that’s buggy?

Thanks in advance,
Johan Ohlsson

You seem to be running the latest version. How often is data being sent to the imp, and how big are the packets?

Right now, data is only being sent to the imp when someone presses a normal submit button in an html-form (so i suppose data could be sent almost all the time and then maybe not at all for hours, all depending on user input).
The html page is hosted on my local computer.

The data of the forms textfield is submitted via POST to the vimps specified address. The value of the textfield is a textstring either 3 or 4 characters long.

Example: “C01” or “C01F”
(the leading “C” isn’t really necessary but the imp seems to identify the string as an integer otherwise)

And is i said before, the code seem to run fine for about 10 minutes then suddenly stops working along with the web-IDE firmware upload function until the imp is rebooted.

Possibly you have a very short NAT timeout - we’re not yet auto-adjusting to these and currently ping every 9 minutes.

Can you try adding this code to your program:

function watchdog() {
imp.wakeup(30.0, watchdog);


…this will just log something every 30 seconds. See if it stays up then?