LoRa-Electric Imp Communication(without WIFI,GPRS)

We have imp006(STM32f413zh) and LoRa-RN2903A(firmware version 1.0.5) US module embedded on it. Our key feature is Low power application,therefore we have eliminated native support of imp communication(i.e.WIFI,GPRS,Ethernet) and instead of them, we are trying to send Device data to Agent via LoRa to meet requirement, is it possible to send in this way?

If yes, Could you please update the steps for it?

How to communicate LoRaWAN network server with Agent(using Agent URL, REST API) ?

Imp OS: 42

No, this is not possible. LoRA is not an IP network and so can’t be used for imp communication - imps are IP devices.

You can certainly deliver data to a cloud service via LoRA/LoRAWAN with an imp, but that’s an application level implementation and as such can’t support OTA deploys, agents/agent messaging, etc.

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