Looking to get a batch of Noras fabricated, who wants in?

I have received quotes for professional fabrication of a batch of noras (I need a set for a demonstration with a customer). Looking to share the cost with interested makers out there. I am working with the guys at www.screamingcircuits.com btw.

Costs of getting them fabbed in the US:

If we order:
-10 pieces cost 2092 dollars or 209 dollars each
-25 pieces cost 3800 dollar or 152 dollars each
-100 pieces cost 10870 dollar or 107 dollars each
-250 pieces cost 21104 dollar or 83.4 dollars each
-1000 pieces cost 75000 dollar or 75 dollars each.

If there is enough interest I can start a quick kickstarter/groupbuy so we could get the funding for this arranged.

Who would be interested in such a batch?

Joel Wehr at @MakeDeck (http://www.themakedeck.com/) has done short runs of these before for preorder - you may want to reach out to him.

Those costs are pretty high. Nora has a high BOM cost, probably around $65 or $70, but you can quite likely do better than that price. You might have a look at CircuitHub (https://circuithub.com/).

Wow, I have gone through custom pcb fabs/assy 15 times now (used to design pcbs for a living) and have seen similar prices as the ones I have quoted for short run production every time (except once, where I got a batch fabricated in china).

I have just done a BOM analysis with circuithub and I am getting prices that are almost below chinese prices. Is this for real? Any word on quality?

Prices through circuithub (20 day turnaround time)
-Batch of 10: 710 dollars, 71 dollars each
-Batch of 25: 1496 dollars, 59.8 dollars each
-Batch of 100: 5477 dollars, 54,77 dollars each
-Batch of 250: 12940 dollars, 51.7 dollars each
-Batch of 1000: 42909 dollars, 42.9 dollars each

This is an insane difference in price with any of the US and European pcbs houses I have worked with. If this is for real, who is in?


@timkeone - CircuitHub is for real, we have used them to fab boards a couple of time :slight_smile:

Okay guys,

I have bit the bullet, I am getting a batch of 15 noras made. I will be putting them up for sale when I get them (should be 1st week of november).

I will put the webshop link up when I have them.


Hey guys,

Also available will be pre-cut enclosures to go with the nora set, see attached file. Hope those are useful for someone!


Hey that is really nice milling. I am a big fan of that enclosure and looking at using it for a few projects. If you don’t mind sharing, did you have NewAge do the milling and printing?


Currently its just a 3d model, I am getting quotes from both the NewAge guys and some local pad-printing and CNC milling guys to compare. It’s usually only cost-effective if you order 100+ cases, but for my customer I am going to do it anyway, but have freedom to sell the leftover cases to the general public. Thanks for your positive comment!


Ahh, I should have looked a little closer. I have a desktop milling machine, and I’ve made a few attempts at milling it, but I keep melting the plastic… gotta find the right feed and speed. Turns out that the AA battery holder fits the 850mAh LiPo available from Adafruit perfectly.