Looking for some beta testers!

We are gearing up to roll out some major changes to certain parts of our backend server (migrating from Node.js to Erlang). We won’t go into too many details in this forum post about why we’re migrating to Erlang (we have a blog post in the works that will explain it more fully).

We’ve been testing the new server architecture internally for a couple of months, and are ready to start migrating some more imps over to the new servers.

If you’re interested in helping beta test our new backend let me know by posting in this thread.

There won’t be any “visible” changes. Your imps will be talking to a new server, but your agents will continue to run exactly how they are (and where they are) right now. The changes are aimed at ensuring our system continues to remain scalable and highly available as we continue to grow!

I’am interested in helping beta test your new backend… Let me know how i can help.

I am willing as well…

sign me up!

Yep I’m in