Looking for help in creating an imp enabled motion sensor

Hi - I am looking to create an internet enabled motion sensor to detect person movement that I can use for home safety (example - don’t want a toddler crossing crossing a certain imaginary line). I wanted to check if there is recommendation on a motion sensor and also, if one could recommend how to wire the sensor up to the imp.

I am very impressed by the potential of the electric imp and would like to experience it first hand through this home project but need guidance.

depends on the motion sensor. if it is a plain IR-sensor then it acts like a push button. You can wire it as such.

I am new to electronics (but a quick learner and can code). Can you point me to a sample motion sensor link that might be suitable to act as a push button.

Can I then use the wiring diagram in the following imp example to integrate the sensor to imp

Looking to get prepped while I await for my imp and april board to arrive.


Yes, that is the way to wire it alltough you have an extra power line, you can hook up to the april board directly, And don’t use pin 7 but pin 1 instead, so you can put the imp asleep and the sensor can trigger the imp to wake up.

I would go on ebay or somewhere and look for some low voltage ir motion sensors like they use in rooms to detect movement. You can wire the transistor outputs to each imp pin. Maybe have 4 or 5 rooms monitored. To specifically monitor a precise spot, you would need a beam across a gap … buy a sender/receiver pair that are used on garage door openers to detect object breaking the beam.

I’ve been using these with an 3 imps since summer last year work well and no additional circuitry pewa.panasonic.com/assets/pcsd/catalog/papirs-ekmc-catalog.pdf you can get them from mouser.com or farnell.com

Thanks for the suggestion…If I were to use multiple sensors that are distributed in various rooms, is there a way to connect them wirelessly to imp. Looking for a low cost solution where the imp is the gateway to the internet and the other sensors are endpoints that wirelessly transmit data back to the imp.