London meetup: Thurs 6th March - South Bank Center

Please come and join Opo, back_ache, DaveDotNet and myself @ Central bar at Festival Hall.
From 6pm for a few beers…

THURS 6TH MARCH @ Central Bar Royal Festival HallSouth Bank Center


Is this tonight?

We can help spread the word on our social media if you like.

No 6th of March & yes to “social medua” pronounce wiv a London accent

I’ll send you an email to get a bit more info :slight_smile:

Looking forward to it!

The week has arrived for the secret squirrel meeting. Just wondering if we’ll be wearing acorns in our lapels, bushy tails, etc. Need to recognise each other before engaging with the secret handshake.

Bugger, I don’t know the handshake. Is it on the wiki?

Some say it is based on the RS485 handshake, others say it is the inherited from the 'free mason’s class (on GitHub), some say it is all but virtual, but in reality, if you emulate a secret Agent, the handshake may be disclosed…

Now I’m looking forward to the RS485 handshake does it involved a contorted Morocco mole?

Shall we aim for 6ish in the main bar @Festival Hall?
Also PM one another mobile nos or email add

6pm is good with me.

I’ll be there but am currently without a phone

I’ve sent PMs with my details.

Omnes: I will try and pop along, but probably not until 7. Let me introduced myself: I’m Tony Smith, formerly of The Register - ‘Biting the Hand That Feeds IT’, if you know it - but now Electric Imp’s new Tech Writer, based in London.

Do I need a rolled up copy of the Times and a carnation in my button hole?

Tony we’ve not specked the intro protocol - but e.imp dev card strapped to ye head would certainly improve the probability of recognition.

Imp with a safety pin sellotaped to the back and worn as a badge? :wink:

ok a cheaper version a scan & print of an imp to make a badge I’ll settle for that…

Sounds good to me! Imp badge it is (I don’t have a phone at the mo)

ok pint for best badge! Tony to adjudicate and claim on expenses :slight_smile:

ok guys, no pressure, but I just about have my Imp ‘wearable’ functional. The 1024x800 display is presenting some problems, as is the laser distance scanner, but success on the portable thermal printer using SPI.

Now… where to secrete the 12V lead acid battery

By the sounds of that, DaveDotNet, all I can say is: “Your biological and technological distinctiveness will be added to our own.”