London bus time tracker project

After getting my Electric Imp basics right I’m now moving on to a bit more complicated project. I’ve picked the London Bus Time Tracker as my next project. I did not pay much attention to the LCD voltage suggestion and picked a 5V LCD from Amazon. Also picked an I2C backpack and a bi-directional level shifter. I am looking for help on the following things:

  1. Will this hardware combination work (LCD + backpack + level shifter)?
  2. If yes, then can someone please help me with the wiring between I2C backpack <-> level shifter <-> April board?
  3. The I2C backpack is based on PCF8574. Can I use the code from here?
  1. Yes
  2. Just connect SDA and SCL through the level shifter. 3v side to the imp, 5v side to the LCD
  3. That code is for a different I2C backpack so no, it won’t work.

This also looks like it might be good information:

Not the same exact display, but most of them seem to have the same standard pin-out w/i2c board attached. And you found a reliable London Bus API to get valid information?

Thanks guys. I’m having some struggle finding suitable code for my PCF8574 backpack. I am not a programmer so its taking time for me to understand the arduino examples and converting them to squirrel. In the meantime can someone please check the attached picture and tell me if the wiring looks OK?