Login response

This week I’ve seen repeated instances of an odd response when attempting to log in to the IDE. I’ve been getting just the following string on my browser:
{“token”:"imp.token=V383636ab707… (these are just the first several characters of a very long token)

Is this a bug? I’m using (and have been for a long time) Safari on a MacBook Pro to get into the IDE, but have not seen this in the past. Should I be using a different browser?

Should work fine in Safari on a MacBook pro (I just tested).

Can you confirm the URL you’re using to login?

I go to www.electricimp.com, click on the Login button which takes me to https://ide.electricimp.com/login. After entering my credentials, I get the message shown above. If I try it a couple of times, I finally get it. With all the Heartbleed updates, I thought there might be an unintended side-effect from an update.

So…the following is happening a lot today. I usually use my Safari browser (on a Mac), but got the following type of response many times today both in Safari and Firefox. BTW, I’m going to the main website and clicking on the “SIGN IN” link in the upper right and then entering my credentials. I did note a warning in Firefox stating “This website does not provide identity information.”

Here’s what I’m getting:

It’s a different token every time I attempt to log in.

Edit: I removed the token from your post since it could potentially be used to steal your browser session.

The “This website does not provide identity information” message looks like it’s coming from loading favicon, which is currently done over HTTP (I’ve submitted a ticket to get that changed).

I can replicate the issue on my end, so I suspect you are correct that 1Password is the likely culprit.

I’m using 1Password to keep track of all my username-password pairs and I now believe it has something to do with 1Password. BTW, it was updated today and that would seem to be the culprit. When I manually type in the credentials, I seem to be able to get in.