Logging just the run time error messages in the device log

Quick question about the IDE.

I am encountering a few intermittent run time errors which are captured in the device log but I am missing them as I log many other things too using server.log option.

So, what easy options do I have to just capture these error messages in the device log.

Not a lot you can do in the IDE right now if you have a mass of other logs coming in too. You can use the Build API and write some external code that streams logs (the same logs that appear in the IDE) and simply parse each one for the kind of error you’re interested in and display only those.

But I think some kind of error filtering in the IDE is a good idea, and I’ll pass it on to the IDE development team.

Yes an error filtering option would be a great help within the IDE as every now and then you want to just capture these events while temporarily turning off the other log messages.