Logging Build number?

Is there a means of logging from the device what Build number is being run? I have several devices in some of my models and don’t always know if they are running the current build.

I think I’ve asked for this in the past, but will second this request here. Is this feature available in the Ops Console?

This is in the queue for the release after next (likely called release 31). 30 is very close now.

We just keep the build number in a constant that is updated before every build.

Yes, but do you update the constant manually? That can be tedious if you are deploying many times per day. Also, if you bring up a particular device in the IDE, the code displayed is not necessarily the code that is deployed.

@ParasitX – that’s what we’ve been trying to do, but it’s something that’s often overlooked when quick changes are made. It turns out we can’t trust the number.