Log pane gone away?

Hi guys,

relative noob here - so be gentle!

I have been successfully running an imp based temperature sensor on an aquarium for the last four months, but three days ago she (don’t ask!) stopped talking to xively.
I went into the ide to look at the log files - because my code writes to the logs regularly - but the log pane in the ide is no longer showing up on any of my browsers.
Am I missing something?

The imp appears to be waking up and communicating (green blink) - but I cant check what is actually happening without the log file.
Typically this lack of communication coincided with a heater on the aquarium going into overdrive and - where normally I would have had a text telling me the temp was above spec - this time there was silence, and I found a bunch of critters close to cooked when I got home.

Any ideas would be most welcome.


Hi, GB

If what you’re seeing is the same thing that caught me out, you’ll see a link called Devices up at the top of the screen, just under your Model’s name. Click on that, select your Imp’s name from the pop-up list, and you’ll get the device view rather than the Model-only display. You should see your Device Log back where it should be.

Hey smittytone,

You are the man!
back in business - that was the problem
Many thanks!!!


Worked for me as well smittytone, thank you!

Same problem here, but when I select my imp from the pop-up list, it says the device is offline, while I’m pretty sure that it is online.

This occasionally happens to me, @ElectricEerk - try refreshing your browser/reloading the page. I find that does it for me. Unless your imp really is offline.

I had the same problem!
Thank you so much!! :smiley: