I noticed that Lockitron had charged me the other day, so hopefully that means that mine is on its way. I think I pre-ordered it about 18 months ago. Has anyone else gotten one? Any thoughts on it?

I can only imagine that at some point I am going to want to hack it, so I have a number of questions regarding commercial Imp products. I believe that the Lockitron uses the Imp card and therefore would have an ATSHA chip, and I am assuming that their app includes the blink-up SDK. So…

  1. What happens if you try to blink-up a Lockitron imp with the Electric Imp app? No blinkup?
  2. What happens if I put a dev card in Lockitron and blink it up with the Lockitron app? Will their code get loaded to the dev card, allowing me to see it if I then moved that to another impee?
  3. To fully hack a lockitron, assuming you no longer wanted to use whatever services they offer, what would be the minimum that would need to be changed? Imp and ATSHA chip? Just the ATSHA?
  4. Do you know if Lockitron would be willing to share their code?
  5. Are there any ethical or legal considerations for doing any of the above?
  1. The answer depends a bit on exactly what Lockitron’s app does, but typically it would blink-up, join your network, but then not be registered with Lockitron’s service at all so nothing would actually work.

  2. Their code will be loaded to the dev card – but when you move it to another impee, that impee’s code will be loaded instead. You don’t get to “see” the code associated with the Lockitron impee.

  3. Just the ATSHA. Imps are always freely moveable, and are never tied to impees. On the other hand, as you say, a Lockitron device without a Lockitron ATSHA wouldn’t get any of the Lockitron device code, nor talk to the Lockitron agent code.

  4. No idea, but most commercial companies of course choose not to.

  5. Probably depends on exactly what contract you have with Lockitron.

All the above assumes that it is a card. If it’s an imp module, that essentially has an internal identity which is used instead of the ATSHA – so you couldn’t “just replace the imp”, you’d have to “replace the imp and identity” by putting in a complete new module. The removed Lockitron module wouldn’t be usable for anything except putting back in the Lockitron again. And you still wouldn’t get to see the Lockitron code or talk to Lockitron agents.


Have got one on order, but haven’t seen a charge or shipment, but I believe this will occur within the next week or two.

Primary thing I’m following is the funky ‘knock to wake’ issue. Seems like someone perhaps missed something fundamental here from a system design / use perspective. Will be interesting however to get the device and play around with it a bit. I’ll be trying to assess it’s utility vs. Kevo. It’s still early in the game though, so I’ve got a lot to learn about both.

Thanks Peter. Hope they were able to get the power issue they mentioned worked out.

@LarryJ I ordered a white one, not sure if they are still shipping certain colors first.

Y’know, now that I think about it more, I wasn’t even part of the initial KS funding for this one … I just did the subsequent pre-order. (Too many projects to track :slight_smile: ) So I’m definitely well behind you on this, and that’s why I haven’t seen the same order status as you. That said, from their updates, I’m thinking it’s likely only another couple weeks out 'til I would get mine (also white).

Am interested in playing around with it, and specifically interested in things like battery life, wake time, etc. as it is imp-based.

Just noticed that they are using modules and not cards. Check out the big “Bless” button.

Soon going to be a month since they charged me… Hope I see a package soon.