Local network control


I am interested in buying a IMP to control a device wirelessly from an android phone via wifi on a local network. I can see that is it possible to do that with the http functions but that will route the command through a large number of networks causing high latency and requires an internet connection. Ideally the command should go directly from the phone to the IMP.

Is such a thing possible?

Thanks in advance

The Imp requires the Imp Cloud at all times. The ease of use, firmware upgrades, program changes, that’s the point of the Imp.

You need to look at something like the FlyPort:

The flyport is a WiFi web server with I/O control to the physical world.

You actually create the web pages directly on the flyport and you can access them via WiFi … no internet connection needed. Anyone within WiFi range can access the web pages and control the hardware.

You’ll see that’s different than the Imp, but both have their uses. The flyport requires more programming experience and because it is its own web server, connecting it to the internet is actually harder to do. It’s meant to be a stand-alone web server / controller.

The Imp on the other hand IS meant to be on the internet at all times. It can run with WiFi off, but any communication is via the internet (Imp Agent on the Imp Cloud). You create the Imp account, blink it up, program the agent/device and away you go.

My first thought is Raspberry Pi. I can’t say I have the chops to make it happen but there is a robust community like that of Electric Imp.

Latency with the Imp is very very low. I’ve had iOS apps send commands very quickly with excellent results.

Thanks for the fast and informative responses. I found a solution to my problem (RN-XV module by Roving Networks) if anyone is interested. But I ordered an electric imp anyway because it seems like a great product with lots of support

Here is an example of one Imp reading a sensor and sending a command to another Imp. The Electric Imp isn’t the solution for everything, but it is an incredibly fun and easy to use platform.

Imp to Imp communication video