Link Test Fixture to multiple Test DUT Device Groups


I currently have a working Test Zone in which a single Test Fixture is linked to a single Test DUT Device Group, such that at run time the DUT is blinked up and assigned to that Test DUT Device Group. However, I am trying to test two main “types” of devices with a single functional test unit, and unfortunately memory has become an issue with the second type included on the DUT. Changing hardware(currently an imp003) on the DUT is not an option as this is already a production device.

I am wondering if it is possible to link a single Text Fixture to two different Test DUT Device Groups, such that at runtime I can determine which DUT “type” I am testing and therefore which Test DUT Device Group to blinkup the DUT into accordingly. I know a lot of this is handled behind the scenes for the test zone and I imagine that is why I don’t see anything within impt or in the web-UI to allow this, but perhaps there is a separate API which does? Theoretically this seems like it should be possible, but I do not know enough of the backend to the test zone to know if it is or if it has been implemented.

I appreciate the help!

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I don’t believe this is possible (you could move the test fixture to another group by hitting the API from the test fixture agent iself, though)… but @ahoughton will know for sure.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way there with the system as it exists. Your only option is to reassign the test fixture to the correct set of groups. As Hugo suggested, this could be triggered from the front panel of the fixture if you use the impCentral API from the fixture agent, but there’s no way to make those decisions on the fly for DUT and the ultimate production group, as those are dependent on the assgnment made in impCentral for the Fixture group.

Okay, thank you both for clarifying that.

I will look into using the impCentral API to switch the fixture group, as this sounds like it is still a viable option. Is there any sample code available for this process, or are the API docs the best resource?

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