Light similar to bud goal light

Does anybody know where one could find a red light similar to the Budweiser goal light?

I haven’t seen any other imp enabled devices, but there are goal lights available that you could hack with an imp and do the same thing. The only hard part would be getting live sports scores, though I think some other forum members found a site that gave reasonable results.

My application would be to use in a data center so sport scores wouldn’t be an issue I have used cheap rotating party lights but I am not happy about how they look. I love the Nautical look of the Bud Lights and I was hoping to find a supplier for the housing that doesn’t cost a arm and a leg.

In the latest firmware release, imp’s can talk to DMX lighting using a “kaylee” board

That’d open you up to a world of different lighting options as well as controlling up-to 512 lights with one imp!

Speaking of, I think I am going to pick of a Chauvet light from my local Guitar Center. Might need some help with the DMX code, back_ache. :slight_smile:

I was going to go to ebay!

Hopefully they’ll be some second-hand bargains as at this point I don’t care about light output, color rendition or a few dud leds

I know the UK imp team have some code they were using to make a disco light indicate the state of their build, I wonder if they’d let us have it?

It was just a quick hack, but here you go:

Note that this code requires impOS 30 or above.

As luck would have it the light I bought is the same as yours.

But (as luck would have it) the IDE is playing up, not logging and not running the agent :frowning:

? Hmm, is it working now for you? I’m a bit concerned about the IDE not working for some people recently; I’m obviously using the same service daily and have not seen issues.

Just no logging? Did the build and run button restart the imp but not the agent?

It was saying the agent was offline and debug log wasn’t logging