Libraries failed?


since yesterday the modules that I have installed for laboratory tests are in fault …

I found a page where apparently it indicates failure in several Libraries …

Anyone else has this kind of problem?

I2C write error: -1 on i2c89 after power failure

The build failure relates to the library source code and the testing environment the library guys use — it doesn’t affect the impCentral library delivery system.

The I2C error you’re seeing (-2) is a transmit select error — the connected device isn’t responding as expected — I would check the address you’ve got for the peripheral device.


Thanks Smittytone,
I have found the problem, I am using the ubidots code, in the parameter config they were using,

local dataRate = tempHumid.setMode (HTS221_MODE.CONTINUOUS, 7);

I have changed this line to
local dataRate = tempHumid.setMode (HTS221_MODE.ONE_SHOT);

and everything went back to normal.


All the tests failed at some point as we migrated our test farm to the impCentral and to the new test tools. Now all these issues should have been fixed.