LED flashes green once after blinkup, then remains red


Some of the beta users of my product which uses electric imp are having problems with BlinkUp. The LED flashes green once after blinkup and then keeps blinking red. The WiFi ssid and password are correct and the security type is WPA/WPA2. Any suggestions on how to solve this problem?


Is this with your own app (using the blinkup libraries)? If so, file a support ticket about it including MAC addresses of affected devices.

If they’re just using the developer app then post the MAC addresses here and we can look…

They are using the developer app.
The MAC addresses are:

Not seeing any trace of these in the logs, which implies that the users are actually mistyping SSID or password (and the long red, 3 short reds blink code is accurate).

i can’t connect my imp, its the same problem, the mac adress is 0c2a6904709e please help me

Is this the same problem? (ie, are you absolutely sure you’re seeing a green flash at the end of blinkup?)

I don’t see your mac connecting, so that implies the imp has either not received the blinkup from your phone (in which case, there would be no quick green flash at the end) or has received it but the credentials were not valid for a 2.4GHz network in range (quick green flash followed by red flashes).

Have a look at the blinkup troubleshooting page. If you’re using an android on an imp001 you may need to get the device online with an iOS device so it upgrades its OS to one which is more tolerant of android blinkup.

i sent the blinkup and reply is green orange red red red, the imp before was worked well, now can’t connect it to none network. i have android 4.0.1

Sure it’s a 2.4GHz network and the password is correct?

Yes . Today i have the same problem, 23th of april my imp connected and today not. Again tested white somenetworks but its the same

Are you changing your network settings? If the device has connected previously you do not need to blink up again.

I can see your device has a runtime error, and keeps crashing and reconnecting (you should be able to see this in your IDE logs - line 18!). It’s doing this very regularly and hence only staying online for about 10 seconds each time.

How is the imp powered?