LED control



That is all :wink:

?? I guess I missed something ??


It’s just a suggestion for a couple of functions to allow use of the on-board LEDs in our code. The two LED pins can drive 20ma, so act as a better driver than standard IO pins. Plus it seems a waste that they’re not able to be used during normal operation.

I use the hardware.redled(ON) but I get index does not exist error. I tried hardware.pin3(ON), still the same.

software version: (version: 9af2fae - release-27.9)

Any ideas?

opb was just suggesting hardware.redled(ON) as a future addition to the API.

Oh! That would be awesome!

This feature has been talked about before and rejected, sorry. Here’s why:

The onboard status LEDs are the ONLY indication the user has about the current state of their connection. If we open up an API for controlling those lights, we lose all ability to help users debug their connection.

@beardedinventor are there LED codes for errors during runtime? I’ve only seen the docs for the LED codes during boot.