Learning Squirrel - need suggestions for line of study

Hey group,

My programming background BASIC… (several projects with PIC microcontrollers)

So I would like suggestions regarding best ways to learn Squirrel.
I have never dabbled in C, Arduino or anything “C” like… Just BASIC.

What would be a good learning direction be?
Would learning C++ be a good starting point?
Has anyone been through the programming courses offered over at lynda.com?



My background is Java (only on Android) and lots of embedded Assembly and C on various micros. I found that the combination of C and Java were an ideal background for Squirrel. Familiarity with one or both of those languages would be a good springboard for you.

Electric Imp now has the best resources on Squirrel that I have found on the Internet, but they are probably pitched with the view that one already has a reasonable programming background. Above that, what you need above is lots of worked examples. There’s quite a bit of public stuff on github already, or mentioned here in these forums.

My path, @impulsepower, was Basic -> C -> Objective-C -> Squirrel. C and Objective-C because I’ve been programming Mac OS since the early 1990s. C or C++ would be a good intro, the latter because, like Squirrel, it’s object-oriented. So is Java, and that too might be a good place to start, especially if you’re interested in doing any Android programming in due course. Be careful with all of these, however, as they use things absent in Squirrel, most notably variable types in declarations.

I think it were me, I’d start with Java - not to learn the language per se, but to use the early chapters of a Learn Java book to get a handle on the structure of the language and thus Squirrel. You can look at later chapters to get to grips with object orientation too.

I’m working on a series of articles introducing Squirrel to folk new to programming, but they’re some way away from publication. Send me a DM with your email, and I can fling over some early drafts if you’d like.

The best way to learn Squirrel is to learn Squirrel. Would you learn Spanish by learning French first?

That would be great if there were a beginner course in squirrel.

With no experience in ANY language that even remotely resembles Squirrel, I need to start at the kindergarten level. :slight_smile:

The idea of learning java (squirrel-like) that could also apply to Android Apps. is appealing.