LCD connection to electric imp

Can we connect electric imp to the following serial lcd… we followed the following tutorial but we are not able to get anything displayed …? what may be the problem ?

Looking at the command codes for the LCD, it appears like the two LCD products have different operation codes (Command Set). For example, robokit LCD code for display ON is 16 (hex) 17, 18 depending on cursor blinking, whereas the instructables unit uses 0C (hex) to turn it on and different hex codes for various things.

So I would say that the hardware looks sort of similar, but the two LCD displays are not the same. View the “Serial LCD Documentation” for the Robokit and look at the Command Set. The unit you’re using (from Robokit) actually seems to have more features/options in its Command Set.

the datasheet the second link is based on is different than yours.
as mlseim said, you should follow this documentation: