Latest Community Blog Posts

Folks, here are some of the more recent posts made this month over at the Community Blog:

New impOS API agent functionality: introducing regexp2
Code Share: community member posts VL6180 range-sensor driver
Electric Imp launches IDE Code Libraries
Hiku’s imp-enabled time-saver for savvy shoppers makes its French début

Over the coming months, we’ll be expanding the Community Blog to bring you more coverage of what Electric Imp is working on, and how our partners and developer community members – you, essentially – are putting imp technology to work.

If you’d like to contribute, we’d love to hear your ideas and read your project write-ups: drop me a message, or post a comment below. And don’t forget to tell us what you’d like to read in the Blog.

The IDE Code Libraries are going to be a really big deal, as I’m sure will be proven over the next year or two. Sort of like WordPress Plugins in a way. These will make Imp development so much easier and much more efficient. I suggest we call them “imputs”.

Agree with @mlseim that libraries are a huge improvement when it comes to managing code development in IDE.

As another suggestion for IDE improvement have tabs ever been considered. I know these tabs proved very helpful within Arduino IDE when dealing with large amounts of code.

I’ve requested tabs be added to the IDE, so it’s on the to-do list, but I can’t say when they will be implemented. At this stage, the idea is to put agent code and device code into separate tabs, so you have more screen space for each, but you can still easily flip back and forth between the two listings.

Yes agent / device tabs would be a welcomed improvement too.