Ladies and gentlemen, will you please welcome... the imp005

Just unwrapped (if you hadn’t spotted it already) is the 5GHz WiFi packing, wired Ethernet equipped, USB 2.0 toting, four-times-as-fast-as-imp002 imp005 module from our friends at Murata.

Headline info from Hugo here and there’s a Product Brief with more detail.

Wow, this is a powerful device. Any pricing indications for the module?
Does 1.2MB RAM mean about a 10fold increase in RAM for Squirrel?

Will the ethernet port be solely for upstream communications? i.e. is its sole purpose to identify a gateway through DHCP and connect with EI’s servers?

Pricing not yet nailed down, but will be in the same ballpark as imp003.

There is no on-die flash, so 1.2MB (which is subject to change… this has been running for a while in our labs but the software isn’t release quality yet) will be shared between your squirrel code and your workspace… but that’s still plenty of space.

Ethernet is intended to just be another imp server connectivity method vs some sort of bridged shared network.

For the wird ethernet connection (and maybe this goes for wi-fi too?), is there a means for the Device to open an IP/Port on another device within the same network? I’ve got some possible TCP Modbus devices that have data I’d like to get to the web. The Imp Device would connect to those TCP Modbus devices, read the status, and then process and what not to the Agent. Possible?

There is no local networking offered at this point, as this raises all sorts of security issues. Not saying it will never be offered, but imp005 will launch without that.

OK, I understand the lockdown. May be other ways to gather the data via the serial port.

Yeah, lots of people using imps to do modbus-rtu. I agree not quite the same but it’s something.

Will the imp005 have any DACs? I’m contemplating a neat (commercial) application for the imp and 1-2DACs would be useful.

No, it has no DACs; it does have a (currently unsupported by squirrel) I2S port though; could you do your job with an audio DAC? :slight_smile:

Oh, it also has USB host, which is supported by squirrel, so that’s a fairly good place for low throughput DACs. ISOC transfers not supported (and may never be), but bulk is fine.