Labview + Imp

Last night I let a Labview program run from my computer that executed a HTTP Get every 1 second to the agent. Nothing to the imp, just testing the agent side. I came back in the morning to 55,000 successful HTTP requests!! I think this is awesome! Currently I am performing the same test, every 1 second, except this time the test sends a random number to the imp. So far (~2,000) the test is 100% successful!! I will let everyone know what happens as time passes.

Is anyone interested in a Labview test/control platform for the imp? I have the application builder add-on for Labview so I can create something, build it, and then one would only have to download the free labview run-time engines from the NI website. You can do a lot with Labview, and so far I have a decent control application for the imp. Please let me know if anybody is interested in this and/or have opinions/requests.


Over the past few days I have executed over 150,000 HTTP requests. Only 3 have failed.