KORE acquired Twilio who acquired Electric Imp

So now Twilio is owned by KORE. Previously Twilio acquired Electric Imp and uses imp006 for its IoT platform (with the Twilio SIM card).

This creates some anxiety for me since I’ve set-up a few development imps in the past and are still using them (with much delight and success).

Will KORE leave the electric imp alone? Will they decide that not enough people are using them so they will be cast aside? I love my imp003 devices and hope to continue using them.

Lets hope KORE does not kill electric imp…

Hi - That’s correct - The Twilio IoT and Wireless BU has been acquired by KORE and this includes the engineering team and the technology behind the Electric Imp platform.

In terms of continuing support for Electric Imp and the Imp006 - This continues as usual:

i.e. We have many many devices and customers that depend upon the Electric Imp platform being around for a number of years. We continue to see people deploying new devices on the Electric Imp platform and as such, we will support and maintain the Imp platform itself and the many many devices that are out in the field for a long time yet.

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