Kickstarter project

I saw a project(like the imp) in kickstarter that has a master and slave topology

Only the master needs wireless. So the slaves can be in places where there is no wifi.
Also power comes from simple coin cells.

Any comments ?

See the recent discussion on LiFX and security weaknesses?

There is a reference design that adds a low energy bluetooth module to an Imp. You could use the Imp as a gateway and connect various local devices with bluetooth if you want something similar. I’m hoping to get a prototype made soon.

There are many networks like this - with a gateway to the internet and then simple slave devices (zigbee, zwave, 6lowpan, enocean, generic 433/868, etc).

eg, we have shown the imp working as a gateway for enocean devices, which are so low power that they can run from indoor solar and even the energy harvested from turning a switch on. The reference design section has an imp with a 433MHz transmitter to control low power - and very cheap - remote devices, etc.

where i find the reference design ?

found it.