Joining a different wifi network of the same name?

Hi there -

Has anyone experienced an issue with asking the imp to joining a network that has the same name and credentials as a different network?

Our office recently switched routers, but kept the same credentials. My imp (we’ll call him “Harold”) that previously wasn’t on the old router joins no problem. The other imp (“Alfonso”), who had worked just fine on the old router, is getting the orange-red blink.

It’s worth noting that Alfonso has been able to join other networks just fine. I’ve done the “Clear Wireless Configuration” numerous time on ol Alfy in hopes of getting him to play well with my office network, but to no avail. So part of me suspects that the issue is that since he’s trying to join a network with the same credentials that he’s using some old key (or something - i don’t know much about wifi networks).

I unfortunately can’t get access to the router, so no changes there.

Thanks all in advance!

We have a few routers in the office broadcasting the same SSID without a problem (ie imps can move between them with no reprogramming); what could be an issue is if the actual encryption type changed (eg: WPA1 to WPA2) because the imp doesn’t store the actual WPA password but rather some intermediate hash which may not be valid if the underlying encryption changes.

However, doing clear and re-blinkup should be fine. When you do clear config does the imp go back to flashing amber?

Hi Hugo - Thanks for getting back to me!

Indeed - the imp does go back to flashing amber. I’ve had success joining other networks - just not this one.

I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if the underlying encryption might have changed, though as you suggest, I’d expect that the hash would be wiped out on clear.

I’ve already checked to make sure that the mac address wasn’t blocked.

The hash would have been wiped out on clear, yes. Is it possible this new router has some restrictive security settings on it which are preventing the imp from connecting to the service?

Possibly, but my other imp (“Harold”, as it were) does seem to be connecting just fine. I do suspect it’s something super edge case, so I may just nab another imp and use Alf elsewhere.

Thanks for your help, Hugo!

Hmm. That’s a little worrying if it’s 100% repeatable. We may want to give you a new imp and get that one back to try and work out why it’s happening… could you email info@ with details?

Would love to know what you all find out, once you get your hands on it. Can you post an update on this thread when you have more info?

He’s running some experiments, so we’ll see what the results of those are.

Hey gang - sorry about the long absence on this. Turns out that the office router was causing a few other problems and resetting it took care of the Imp issue as well. All is well.