It would be cool: IFTTT and imp channel?

Any plans to establish a imp channel with IFTTT in future?

We’ve talked with IFTTT about creating an imp channel, but right now it’s somewhat difficult because of how open the channel would have to be. We’re hoping that this will be something that exists in the future, but there’s likely still some figuring out to do before anything happens with it.

There are a couple work arounds you can use, although I forget exactly what they are. A quick google search for “IFTTT Web Hooks” should return what you want.

Thanks for that, thought u guys are on the ball; the thought came to me when I was just looking at the blink(1) channel. Come to think of it, if an imp channel is established, the IFTTT would really be like another third party high level “agent” in imp terms, handling & simplifying interface to twitter, sms, email etc.