It’s time to update your BlinkUp app test procedure

If you’re accustomed to testing BlinkUp™ SDK-based mobile apps using development devices, you’ll need to be aware that some upcoming impCloud™ changes are going to mean that you will need to update your app test workflow.

From 1st December 2019, you will not be able to used SDK-based apps to activate devices assigned to Development Device Groups.

Instead, you will need to make use of impCentral™’s factory test environment to create a Test Production Device Group, deploy application firmware to it (this is a requirement of TPDG creation) and then assign your app test device to that group. Once assigned, the device receives the firmware deployed to the group and is placed in an not-yet-activated state ready for BlinkUp.

You can now test your app on that device.

More details on the process can be found in the Dev Center’s app testing guide.

Of course, you can also use the full factory test process, which we recommend because it will fully prepare you to go into production as well as test your BlinkUp app. But the procedure described above may prove useful for early app testing.