Issues with setpowersave method

I have a simple program that is reading HTTP post requests, and turns on an LED (at pin9) based on the value recieved.
The program works perfectly fine when I’m not using imp.setpowersave(true);. When I do enable powesave mode, sure enough the idle power consumption drops, but the imp stops responding to the POST requests after a few minutes. Are there any special restrictions for calling the setpowersave routine? I call it, just before I do the imp.configure() call which is at the very end of the code.

With release17, the current release, you need to have a watchdog if you do not run squirrel code regularly otherwise it’ll drop offline after several hours.


function w() { imp.wakeup(5*60,w); }

However… that is needed whether or not you use setpowersave(). I suggest you put the above lines in with the powersave call, and see how it runs?

That seemed to have done the job. Actually, I already have a some code running every 5 seconds that is just printing the signal strength via the method, I didn’t make the call to it correctly. Seems to be responsive so far, average current consumption stays at 5mA :slight_smile: Thanks!