Issues with imp since planner and xively change

I have been having trouble since legacy support for cosm went away.

I modded my code to use an agent. My agent code runs, but my /imp never comes on line. The blinks are a bit weird, but it looks like it connects ( the blinking stops)…
The Mac address shows in the client list of my router, but only for a short time… I have not seen anything in the docs about port forwarding or firewall exceptions…

Any thoughts?

are those blinks green ?
You don’t have to change your firewall settings for incoming connections because the imp uses only outbound (and keeps that connection alive).
Be sure to have your wifi channel set below 12

The blinks look to be correct… ending in a few quick green blinks then no blinks.

But wait… there’s more:

I have two imps. On one, I can get the agent running, on the other, the agent never runs. I am using the sparkfun basic board, and one of my imps has not been changed for months, until I started trying to get my code migrated to xively, and from the old planner.

I just deleted both of my imps from the IDE, and they don’t really go away. they are there in the new devices list, despite not being powered, and having been deleted.

I deleted all the code from one of my imps, and pasted the blinky led hello world code in, and It is accepted by the IDE, and says congrats, your code is running… but never runs on the imp.

I have run wireshark, and see the imp get an IP, have it send an arp about itself, and not much after that…

Wireshark will only be showing the broadcast traffic, so you won’t see the connection unless you’re wiresharking between the AP and the router. If the imp flashes green, then it’s made the TLS connection to the server.

Note that code is associated with the board, not the imp. Plug different imps into the same board and as far as the imp system is concerned, that’s one device.

Can you give me a mac address to look up in the logs?