Issue with inline function syntax and http in call


I modified the basic Blink O Matic LED blinking sample code to have the imp.wakeup function call in-line. However, I get a syntax error. Also, I created a HTTP IN node and invoke the API from a HTML form I created in app engine. The form is created properly, however, the set function is not getting called in the imp.

I have been trying to figure out the issue for hours but unable to and looking for guidance from the community.

Below, I am pasting both my impee and HTML form code for guidance.
I think I am missing something simple as I get to learn how to program in impee.

impee code:
local ledState = 1;
local count = 0.1; // Blink every 100 ms

function toggle()
ledState = ledState?0:1;

class BlinkInput extends InputPort
name = "BlinkPerSecond"
type = “float”

function set(httpValue) //ISSUE: Function set not called
{"blink variable set from webpage");
   imp.wakeup(httpValue, blink() {toggle()}); //even with commenting off imp.wakeup line, function set() doesn't seem to be called


imp.configure(“BlinkBasic”, [BlinkInput()],[]);
imp.wakeup(count, blink() {toggle();});

HTTP Form Code (Form created in app engine):
Note: I have put some leading and trailing dots (…) in html tags so that the source code is retained and not processed as a html page

class InputBlinkValue(webapp2.RequestHandler):
def get(self):
<…form name=“form1” action=“…” method=“post”>
<…h3…>IOT SETTINGS<…h3…> <…hr/…>

        BLINKS PER SECOND: <..input type="text" name="value"/..><../br..>
        <..input type="submit" value="Set Value"..>

I think you need to do:

imp.wakeup(count, function() { toggle(); } );

…and not…

imp.wakeup(count, blink() {toggle();});

Thanks Hugo…that helped and I got it working now.