Is this possible

Using an Imp and the Adafruit TFT display linked to below I want to show images stored on the micro SD card on the display by selecting an image from a list on a web page. I’ve got this working using a different serial LCD to display text but am stuck with spi. Basically I want to know if it’s possible and if anyone can point me to any spi examples that send either text or images to a similar display. I can’t even get text to show at the moment.



It’s possible to hook the display up to an imp, yes. Doing the microSD thing is likely a lot more hassle than just sending images from the web direct to the display though.

Sending text to a display like that means rendering it as a bitmap and sending the bitmap - there’s no built-in font generator there. This is a fairly large task, and we don’t have any example code for this type of thing as yet.