Is there a way to stop blinking after cold boot or wake from deep sleep (or any wake call)

So when I turn on the imp or when it wakes from deep sleep it blinks for a full minute (or until deep sleep) I feel that this is a consequence of server_suspend_on_error being the default setting (I set it to return on error in my first line of code). I want to cancel the blinking prematurely and take full control of the LEDs myself. This is really annoying and any help would be appreciated.
Things I’ve tried to stop the blinking:
screaming in frustration
yelling in frustration
stewing in my frustration

Anybody have any other ideas? I can’t just deep sleep and wake because then (if the device has bad ssid) it will take 10 more second (WITHOUT BLINKING - AAAAGH) giving me a total of 20 seconds of unresponsiveness on cold boots before the user can do anything! Here’s what I want:

1)cold boot
2)invalid SSID
4) imp.wakeup(120,server.sleepfor(60)) <-I know this gives an error, this is just pseudosquirrel
5)if the interrupt pin is pressed within 2 minutes, handle it

Thanks for any help!

The enforced periods of your Squirrel not running, are what allow you to regain control of the imp if you put accidentally put Squirrel on it that disconnects etc so eagerly that it can’t be given new code or put onto a new Wifi network. If there was a way of “cancelling” that critical rescue period, people would be able to cause themselves a serious problem.

Having said that, the thing you mention where after deep-sleep there’s ten more seconds of enforced no-Squirrel, is a bug, and will be fixed in the next release.


Incidentally it’s not every time the imp wakes from deep-sleep with an unreachable SSID: it’s every time it wakes from deep-sleep with an unreachable SSID and still-unconfirmed account details (from blink-up). Once the imp has contacted our servers once after a blink-up, the account details are confirmed – and those extra ten seconds don’t happen, even if the SSID is unreachable on subsequent wake-ups.

Earlier versions of the blink-up Iphone app let you change Wifi networks without rejoining the account, but those options disappeared from later versions.


btw, if you wanted to test a release which has the 10s squirrel hold-off when booting with unconfirmed account details, then PM me with a mac address and we’ll push it to you.