Is there a way to pull data from imp?

I would like to use the api url to pull data from imp.
All I could do right now was have a HTTP In node and send value=1 to imp and I got an OK response.
Can anything other that OK be returned?

You can send data from an imp with the HTTP Request node; the request is sent whenever the input to the node changes. If you track what is sent to you then you shouldn’t need to poll. If you really need to poll then you could write a small code block that (a) takes inputs from an HTTP In node and your data source, (b) maintains a counter incremented when it gets an input from the HTTP In node and © constructs a message that includes the counter and the data you want to send. If you ping this the counter will change and it will send you the current data and counter. That said, you’d really be better off just remembering what is posted to you from the HTTP Request node.

I want real time access to the data from a web browser and not from a server.
I would like to jquery the imp for sensor data on the fly.
Your idea would require me to use a server to store data and would require at least 3 requests to happen with no sync, which could cause the jquery to just get old data from the webserver.
1st request - jquery connects to imp
2nd request - imp sends data to server
3rd request - jquery connects to server for new data, with a delay because it can’t get any acknowledgement that the server has latest data already or not.
That seems not a good solution for me.
Any other ideas?

The correct answer is a vimp wrapper, which caches the latest data sent by the imp and will respond synchronously to an HTTP request. This is coming.