Is there a way to manage the networks listed in BlinkUp?

I seem to be challenged with the BlinkUp app (on my iPhone 5S w/iOS 7.1). It is not listing all available networks while sitting next to my MacBook Pro which shows 8 b/g/n SSIDs. Do I need to do something to “prime the pump” to get these all to show? Also, is there a way to delete networks that no longer exist? I tried turning WiFi off/on, but did not get any benefit. Next, I’ll try rebooting the iPhone. Thanks!

BTW, I’m using v2.1.1 of BlinkUp. I don’t recall this issue with an earlier version of the software.

I wonder if the new version of the app hides imp-incompatible WLANs, ie. 5GHz ones. If it doesn’t, it might be handy if it did, as you would otherwise only know to ignore 5GHz WLANs if you had RTFM.

There are several missing WLANs that are 2.4GHz and one of the ones listed no longer exists.

Apple does not allow developers to “scan for wifi networks” in iOS apps.

This means the only networks we can display are the network you are currently connected to, and networks you have previously saved in the BlinkUp app.

OK. That certainly explains it and I can work with that now that I know how it’s intended to work. I’m working with MiFi type devices and could/should simply configure them for a standard SSID. Thanks for the clarification!