Is the Cloud Service on line - unable to connect

Currently am not able to connect to the cloud service after initially configuring my new imp. Seeing Red / Orange flashing so it is trying to connect but no joy…

There have not been any outages. A bit more info could be helpful:

  • Is this the first time you’ve tried connecting? (or did it work before with the same network setup)
  • Did you triple check the wifi password?
  • Did you see a brief green flash right at the end of blinkup?
  • Can you give details of your network setup? (ie, router model/firmware revision)

I’ve gotten past the point where Shanedrix is stuck. I saw the Red/Orange blink twice, then flash green once. So … it’s online. But it doesn’t show up in my Planner. At work, I did the same thing, got it online, and saw it in the Planner. Any reason why I wouldn’t be able to connect?

@RussNelson: Ok, the single green flash makes it sound very much like your code is sleeping immediately after running, because generally when connected it’ll flash green for 60 seconds. Is your code doing a server.sleepfor immediately? No problems with the power supply you’re using?

As to why the behavior is different (wrt it showing in the planner) between work and home… running the same browser?