Is my Imp dead?

Hi, I was plunging in my imp to power it up and well no lights blink, and no sign of it being powered. My imp has worked fine for days and now it just wont power up. I get a clean 5v from my power supply(usb port) and used my multiplier to see if voltage was going through and it is,on the GND and Vin pins an the left side of the April board. then I checked if power was coming through on the 3v3 and GND pins on the right side and i get nothing close to it. only .10 volts come through.

Any Idea what could be wrong?

It would appear that the 3.3V regulator is dead or you have a short on the 3.3V. Get another April, the Imp might still be ok!

If you have access to a reflow oven or a hot air rework station, I would try rework the regulator. It may have been poorly placed. Make sure each pad on the reg has solder on it, and that there isn’t to much on the center pad.

Sadly, I don’t have a reflow oven so ill try to buy a new April board soon and comeback with the results. Id just hate to buy a new imp, they are expensive. the April isnt as much of a deal though. So is the Imp ID stored on the april or on the IMP? Im wondering because I heard that you can swap Imps in and out of april board and the code will still run without re-adding an ID.

The imp ID is stored on the April.

There is a small IC with 3 leads on it called an ATSHA - it’s sole purpose is to provide a unique ID for the hardware the imp card is plugged into.

The solder down modules don’t have this since you can’t ‘swap’ imps since they’re soldered down.

Test the 3.3v voltage on the April board after removing the Imp. If it reads 3.xxv the Imp is fried, if it is still reads 0.1v or so then it is the April board.

Following your instructions, it seems that it is just the April, so that’s good news. Thanks for the tip. I hope I receive my replacement April soon and work on a project idea I have. This whole thing was very odd though as iv just been feeding it straight 5v from my desktop with no problems until I plugged it in and nothing happened. Anyways thanks for all the helpful replys, very awesome community here and I see some cool things in the future to happen with the imp!