Is it possible to ID an IMP in the field?

I’m new to the IMP world and still trying to get a grasp on what it’s capable of doing.

Say, you have thousands of imps in the field, is it possible to id each one of them? Can it be done at factory at the “blessing” level?

Sure. Each imp has an unique mac address and each impee (your device) has a unique impeeid. These can be interrogated at runtime in Squirrel and at blessing time. You can also get a webhook with the impeeid during blessing.


Hi Aaron, is there a way we can give an imp a custom id… like a serial no or a text string.
Eg: FieldDevice_A_01

Thanks for your reply.

…continuing… can this ID be flashed through the BlinkUp procedure in the field, throught the phone app?

No and no. The ID is provided by the ATSHA chip on the device. It is a globally unique ID. If you want to keep your own identifier, you will need to store a translation in your own database.


You could always store an identifier in the server-side storage (, etc), so that the device can report in to a backend with your own identifier. The identifier could be provided to the device as blinkup completes, when you get the agent URL in the phone app.