Is it possible to drive the blinkup LEDs?

In my project I was thinking it would be nice to use the blinkup bi-LED for status lights as well as for the blinkup process. Is it possible to drive either of these LEDs outside of the blinkup process? If it is possible how do you call them for the imp002. I tried hardware.pin3.write(1) and this didn’t work.

Thanks for the help!

No, these are reserved for system use - this is to ensure that code running on the device can’t ever display what look like valid error codes, which could be very confusing for users trying to determine why something isn’t working.

I understand the desire not to confuse users, but there are certain use cases where this would be useful. In the product that I am working on I want to send a command periodically (every few hours), and it would be better to the user if there was some visual indication that their command work if they are debugging things.

  • Locate
  • Command Received

Both of these can be VERY useful. Command received would only light up for maybe a second, at least in my case. Locate might work for a minute, and could be a fast flash.

I would prefer not to have to use another IMP output pin to drive the same LED as I think this is wasteful.


PS the Spark Core does permit overriding the RGB LED

I had a problem with my spark core where it would not accept new code, and kept doing strange things. What made it more difficult was that the sketch running were controlling the RGB led, so it was difficult to see if it was the blocking sketch blinking it, or if it was the core trying to show med something.

Didnt use the rgb led again since, and shortly after stopper using the core all together and got an extra IMP instead. :slight_smile:

Sorry, the LED is reserved for system use. Speaking as one of the people who have to debug connectivity issues, this is rather important.

imp002/003 have more IO if you need more IO :slight_smile: