Is HTTP POST broken right now?

All of a sudden posting doesn’t seem to be working!?!   

Is this a platform issue?  

Have my imps been banned from posting?  

Help a guy out.   :) 

Hmm…it shouldn’t be broken and we’re certainly not picking on you or your imps for that matter.  Will look into it and get back.

Can you try
1- Deleting your imp and HTTP POST vimp
2 - Ejecting and reinserting imp card and add HTTP POST vimp

and try again. Let me know if this does helps.  BTW, are you getting any errors when you try to add POST URL to vimp?

Hey bikr,

I deployed a fix earlier today for HTTPS requests that swapped out a library. Looks like something about that isn’t compatible with the server you’re using on the other side. Can you send the URL you’re hitting to (if you’d prefer not to post it here) so I can take a closer look? What are you running on your server? PHP?

I’m suspicious the issue is that this new module uses lower-case HTTP headers. While it’s within spec, it’s also very strange to do. I’ve switched the headers to be upper-case, so can you give it a shot and let me know if that fixed the problem for you?

The other possibility is the Content-Type header, which is now including a charset parameter, so it looks like

Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=utf-8

If your server is doing an exact match on the raw value of Content-Type, it could be getting confused by the explicit charset.