Is Agent working alright?

Im trying to write a new model for an imp but for some reason this new model is using another model’s agent code. Does anyone know what is going on?

There’s a known bug whereby if you have a device, and the agent has a bug in the code, it will keep running (and crashing) this code even if you switch the device to another model.

You need to switch the device back to the model with the bug in the agent code, fix the bug, hit build and run, then you can switch the model to the new code.

Thanks Hugo,
Its a little bit weird because I dont recall changin anything on the original model and I never had that issue before.

Hmm, interesting. Can you provide the device ID (or mac address of the imp)?

Sure, the device ID is : 232aa1eb6e4936ee

Is this working ok now? I see logs up to 3/8 but nothing after.