Is a imp embbed in a product lock to the product?


I’ve received an OrbNext, and i hava tried to link it to my Electricimp account. After Blinkup, the imp is flash green for 60 sec & then sleeping.

Is this due to a kind of “lock” ? or do i do something wrong ?



Yes, I think there is a lock. I gained access to a commercial product by de-soldering the module that came with it and I put my own one on that I purchased through Digikey. It requires you to have a hot plate or oven for doing that rework.

Commercial devices are tied to a set model and will only run that model or more recent versions. This also means they can’t be associated with a developer account. Manufacturers are able to free one of their imp-based machines, but whether they will do so if asked is open to question. Don’t ask us; we can’t do it for you; only the manufacturer can do this.

Ok, so for the moment i’m stuck with a very small default http API :slight_smile: but it’s already pretty fun

Thks for support


Glad to hear you’re enjoying your OrbNext - I backed them as well, and I’m really excited to play with mine (I’m traveling at the moment).

This is not the main issue here but …
Why is orbnext so expensive ?

Please check this

around 30 usd but i think they vanished from the earth
They got imped…

If you get an Orbnext you’ll see why it’s expensive - it has a beautiful frosted glass cube. I suspect that’s a significantly expensive bit of glassware.