iOS App ETA?

Any update from apple on the iOS App ETA?

We are in the approval process…waiting and will make iOS app available as soon as we receive approval.  Much appreciate your patience, especially to those whose Android apps phones are not playing nicely with the Android app.

The app was “waiting for review” for ~9 days, and is now showing “in review”. Fingers crossed!

Have you thought about porting it to the web / planner?

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Thanks for letting me know that delete feature is currently not available to members.  The delete feature has now been enabled and you can delete your post but only if someone has not already replied to it.

“Air Wood Hockey” I hate you!!! Search App Store for Electric IMP every few days and all I get is “Air Wood Hockey” Ahhhhh!!!

Is the Name on Apple App Store going to be Electric IMP?

Yep.  Once Apple gives us their golden seal of approval, you can find it using “electric imp.”

The app is in the app store!

It worked perfectly on the first try on my iphone 4

iOS worked great on my iPod Touch 4 (latest model I think)

Took 2 goes to get the wifi set up.  Second time I had the ipod screen touching the Imp and that worked.   First time maybe 0.25 inches away from the Imp didn’t work.   If that’s the preferred positioning (touching the screen to the Imp), it might be worth editing the commissioning instructions

Despite that, wifi set up was insanely easy

Now on to Squirrel etc


Depending on ambient light, I’ve had it work up to about 4 inches away; the main thing is to ensure the side of the imp is covered (put your thumb over the imp logo, so the whole back of the card is covered).

Light leakage through the side of the card is obviously not a problem on actual imp products as they’re cased, but for devboards you need to give it a bit of a hand (specifically, a thumb :wink: ).

You don’t really know what the ambient light will be inside a product, for example there may be bleed from nearby panel LEDs, or the thing may be made from plastic which lets light through, like the imp case itself.

Is there any chance of painting the inside of the imp case to solve this?

Fen Consultants, UK