Invisible text in IDE find box (white on white)

For the last week or maybe a bit more the text in my Find search box has been invisible. I can highlight over it to see it so I think it is white text on a white background.

I use the dark IDE theme.
Chrome version 39.0.2171.71 m
Windows 7

anyone else have this problem or if not - what system are you on? thanks.

Yes, it’s not your imagination. I’ve seen it in Chrome on Windows 7 for about a week. Frustrating, but not impossible to live with. Looking forward to a fix.

We have also seen this, and there’s an open ticket for it.

Edit: A fix has already been implemented and will be pushed during the next IDE release.

@beardedinventor, unfortunately the IDE maintenance went through and this problem persists. is there a workaround or setting to change?