Instructables Contests

Hey impers! There’s a couple Instructable contests going on right now that you might want to know about (Instructables is a website for sharing projects / build instructions).

Home Technology Contest - build something that makes home living easier!

Remote Control Contest - build something that’s remote controlled.

There’s some great prizes - and sharing projects is always fun!

I’m working on AT&T API code for speech to text. I’d like to speak to a Lala and have it convert audio to text for control. What to control for a contest…hmmm…

Something involving a giant red led and the phrase “I’m sorry, Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that” ?

:slight_smile: Neopixel color would definitely be a good starting point. I’ve been trying to think of an ingenious way to make the recorder start without having to do something like push a button. I suppose you could start the sampler and try to create an audio trigger.

It’d be the perfect antidote to Siri, Google-now, "“Eugene Goostman” and Cortana, whatever you ask the answer is no!

Here’s a giant red button with a big LED inside that looks just like HAL when it’s lit up:

That’s the button I used for IoT-Pizza project… it’s nice.

Ooh, that might be the trigger for my snack man!

Matt I used one those big RED buttons on one my early imp demos :slight_smile:

These are all great ideas, but not to be a downer, don’t forget the contest is about making life easier. :wink:

Joel’s voice-activated idea really intrigues me. Being a guy who’s into building management and control systems, I can think of a few things I’d enjoy seeing published…if not already:

  1. Voice-activated light. “Light on”. Wouldn’t it be dreamy if it could be “Light on 50 percent” (or such) to control brightness?

  2. Voice-activated Thermostat. “Room Temperature 75”. Probably could use a voice-feedback where thermostat could reply “Room temp set to 75” after receiving a command and changing room temp. I picture a Star Trek-like voice…that woman who does all of the computer voices. There is obviously a lot more that can be said on this, but without a specific equipment type in mind, best to leave it there.

  3. My personal fav (and i would love if someone showed me how to do this)…
    Voice-activated water mixing (and or faucet on/off). Two variable valves could be connected to a hot and cold line individually. Using one to three temp sensors, some creative code could vary each valve position to hit a desired output temperature. “Water on temp 80”…and then maybe a beep when temp is achieved. Probably should have an automatic shutoff after some time period, and respond to “water off”. I could draw up a plumbing schematic and attempt to find the right valve, if it helps.

This has the added benefit of being a marketable safety feature - it could make sure that output water temp never exceeds 120 degrees, valuable in homes with kids (vulnerable to scalding).

  1. Or maybe just a voice-activated relay and wall wart combo. “Device on” and so forth.